46th International diving festival PAF Tachov / 2024

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Author Michele Solca

About author Naturalist photographer and scientific communicator, I'm a technical diver with experience in scientific and photographic diving in oceans and seas across the world. I would like to spread my photography's mantra: Love - Learn - Respect – Protect. I believe that taking and sharing photos that enhance the Underwater World arose a Love for the Sea that could naturally convey the desire to Learn about it and, therefore, to Respect and Protect it.
In my pictures there's a constant research of unusual situations, sometimes unexpected, discovered and appreciated thanks to a continuous study of biological and behavioral features showed by the main characters of mine underwater wanderings; in addition to this, I love searching odd expressions showed by Marine life, often lingering on ours connection with the Sea and on the sweetness and intensity of some interactions. On one side, there must be a photographic technique which makes immediately recognizable my pictures and, from the other side, it's the subject itself which concurs to define a unique style.

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