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Start adding photos:01.01.2019
End adding photos:04.02.2019
Publication of competition photos - after completed evaluation:25.02.2019
Publication of winning photos:02.03.2019

Festival PAF Tachov 41st Year / 2019

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Author Songda Cai

About author As an underwater photographer, Cai is very keen in blackwater diving where he is able to explore different kinds of marine life. He is also fond of blackwater photography because for him, it is one of the mediums where in the wonder of these sea creatures are emphasized, as the stars shine brighter in the pitch black skies, the dark seas also give his photo subjects this unique glow that can only be attained in black waters. In the recent years, Cai’s work have been featured in various magazines and marine research books with some even winning awards in various international competitions.

Participation at festivals

  • Festival PAF Tachov 41. ročník

Photo of the festival

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