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Festival PAF Tachov 41st Year / 2019

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Author Heinz Erich Zappel

About author Name: Heinz Erich Zappel Year of birth: 1969
In 1997 I became a PADI OWD diver. At first, the medium of water fascinated me so much that I was trained in the shortest possible time as well as some special courses up to the divemaster.
In 2001, I became a dive instructor and worked with great fun within the training of new divers. This joy and the constant contact and exchange with other people, very quickly led me to capture the most beautiful moments with a camera.
First I started very classic with an analogue camera system including a firm flash. Over time, however, I did not want to be technically restricted. In addition, the digital underwater photography opened up completely new possibilities. The compact system first used by me was finally replaced by a reflex camera.
Currently I have an Olympus E330 / E3 and OMD E- M1 in the UK-Germany housing
But I am always on the lookout for optimization options.
Although I have already visited some diving destinations in the world, mainly in Southeast Asia, I would like to focus on freshwater photography in the future. The different lakes in the immediate vicinity to my hometown, fascinate me again and again.

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