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Start adding photos:01.01.2020
End adding photos:15.02.2020
Publication of competition photos - after completed evaluation:05.03.2020
Publication of winning photos:07.03.2020

42nd PAF Tachov Festival / 2020

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Author Killer Konstantin

About author Konstantin started out specialising in landscape photography in the 1980s. At that time – during those “analogue times” – he spent days in his darkroom meticulously developing black and white film. Today, this “German master of underwater photography 2014” regularly finds himself underwater with his Nikon D800 in SEACAM housing and an army of slave flashes.
Konstantin started underwater model photography in the pool some years ago, initially regarding it as individual training and later as project work during the winter. This swiftly translated into pure passion for him, with the special exposures, unique ideas, complex planning, as well as the challenges of using photographic equipment underwater, and communicating with his team and, of course, the models while underwater. Yet, despite the elaborate preparation needed and complex scene construction, Konstantin always manages to make every photograph look fun and engaging while positioning his well-crafted ideas perfectly in the frame.

Konstantin's motto is: “Let only your imagination set the limits of what is possible.”

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