45th International diving festival PAF Tachov / 2023

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Author Staes Filip

About author I started diving in 1992 and made my first underwater photos in the Red Sea with a rented Nikonos . After that I bought myself a camera and started to participate in underwater photo contests. After a few years the digital era began and I bought a compact camera. A successful dive trip to a mountain lake in Austria gave me one outstanding photo. It earned me a first price the Belgian underwater photo- and film festival. The price was a housing for an SLR camera. That was the start of a more professional career. I started to send my work to magazines and photo contests all over the world. Today I have more than 180 top 3 rankings in national and international photo competitions (http://www.fsfotografie.be/wedstrijden.html ). I also create audio visual presentations of the underwater world. It brings all underwater adventures back alive.
My photos are memories from fantastic experiences but also moments of patience and frustration. It has become a natural urge to surround myself in the most beautiful but sometimes most people-unfriendly environment on this globe. In search of an enchanting world, a place where I can relax. I only need one fraction of a second to capture my fantasy in a feeling that can touch people.

In 2020 I started my own underwater photography academy (www. O-F-A.be). The academy provides training for underwater photographers of all levels and presentations about the underwater world with the intention of showing the beauty and fragility of the underwater world to a wide audience.

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