46th International diving festival PAF Tachov / 2024

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Author Ian Gray

About author I am Ian, a Scotsman now living in sunny Australia, I have been in love with photography for as long as I can remember. I am so happy that my two passions in life have become my careers, I am a professional Photographer and a Mechanical Engineer. My passion for Landscapes and Wildlife dominated my early photography, now for the past 12 years since I discovered the world of Scuba diving it is Underwater Photography that dominates my work. The technical difficulty and the high risks of working in this environment continually push my boundaries, but the rewards justify the hard work.

With my underwater photography, I seek to inspire and educate people about the wonders of the underwater world and its inhabitants. Travelling to remote locations around the world to capture stunning images of highly skilled models, interacting with aquatic life such as sharks, whales, crocodiles and more. Highlighting both the beauty and fragility of this environment. I am a firm believer in conservation through underwater photography and education, as well as using underwater model photography as a tool for communicating ideas on protection and preservation of aquatic life.

I feel very grateful that my underwater photography has earned me a great deal of recognition and awards. International publications and features in multiple magazines, media and TV etc all help to show the beauty and fragility of our oceans to so many more people.

Participation at festivals

  • Mezinárodní potápěčský festival PAF Tachov 45. ročník

Photo of the festival

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