45th International diving festival PAF Tachov / 2023

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About author My name is Cristina Fernández, I’m 51 years old and I live in Spain in a place far from the Sea and the Ocean. I’m a Primary School Teacher but my heart belongs to the Ocean. I only get, twice a year, the opportunity to dive and take pictures, so it’s a must to spend as much time as I can underwater when I’m on vacation.

Since I was a toddler, I was attracted to the sea, the documentary “The silent world” by Jacques-Yves Costeau helped me become the woman that I’m today. Bewildered by the astonishing beauty of the ocean I started my first diving course the moment I had earned enough money working as a teacher.

First, it was only the passion for diving. Next, the desire to share the beauty of the ocean. It was a long way until I developed the necessary skills to become the photographer that I’m today. In a world dominated by men, with the ocean far from my home, with no one ready to share his or her knowledge, I learned over my own mistakes and It wasn’t until later when the renowned macro photographer Dave Johnson recruited me as admin for Marine Pixels Underwater Photography, that I took off.

I started taking part in different international contests winnings some awards.

You can learn a lot looking other people pictures and sharing techniques and knowledge with them.

I love sharing my pictures and the beauty of the critters that inhabit this stunning underwater world, as a way to raise the people awareness that we need to protect our Oceans of the degradation in order to preserve their amazing biodiversity.

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