46th International diving festival PAF Tachov / 2024

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Author Oscar Ramirez

About author Colombian underwater photographer based in Southern California. I share my view of nature with the principle that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

My passion is the ocean, and I cherish every moment around it. It started with scuba diving and developed into underwater photography, which continues to grow my sense of belonging with the ocean and to know better and understand it. I feel amazed by the ocean beings, patterns, colors, and all the components of this immense realm. Marine life has been the main driver for me to be more involved with the ocean, which in turn has led me to approach my life differently, creating awareness because of the closer look, the first-sight effect. Through underwater photography, I strive to convey how important and influential every creature, plant, and ecosystem, regardless of size, is in our planet’s health and balance.

Participation at festivals

  • Mezinárodní potápěčský festival PAF Tachov 45. ročník

Photo of the festival

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