46th International diving festival PAF Tachov / 2024

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Author giovanni crisafulli

About author Passion for the longest time has been culturally presented as a “feeling” that arises almost spontaneously, walking the streets of the soul. Other times passion is transmitted from parent to child, not only because of DNA. Speaking of Giovanni’s life, it was his father, a fashion photographer in Milano, to give birth to his true love both for sea and photography. He taught him to live a sensory experience full of colours, scents and sea depth. Feel the image: The role of emotions in the image-seeking process.
At six years old Giovanni first dived, hand in hand with his father. At 14 years old he first tried scuba tanks, to breathe underwater and enjoy different colours and emotions. Then a special gift: Nikonos III.
Photography was art in his father’s studio where the little boy was helping him during the shootings. The Art and design studios, and the never-ending research for perfect photography, are clearly shown in his interior design, where the minimalist décor is sought for impossible matches.

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