46th International diving festival PAF Tachov / 2024

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My name is Stefano Scortegagna I was born on July 14, 1970, I sell cars with some success but my main life purpose is underwater photography. It is a passion that developed in me sixteen years ago, since my first scuba diving when I was fascinated by the colors and the life of that wonderful underwater world that opened up before my eyes.
Since then I have never stopped exploring it and sharing it with those who showed if not my same enthusiasm, at least my same interests. And what better system than speaking through my photographs?

Over time, your passion for photography? increased more and more so, to allow me technically more appreciable results, I decided to replace the first photographic equipment with a Canon G11 which gave me new and wonderful satisfactions, helping to make me fall in love with the marine world more and more.

I therefore began to organize some photographic exhibitions to document the results of my discoveries, enjoying an unexpected success that has stimulated even more my commitment to make more and more people aware of the wonders of the underwater world. Six years ago, therefore, I started a project in schools to teach children about respect for the environment and the sea, showing the photographs I took home from my travels.
The responsibility of having to show the young, as well as the not so young, what I was discovering during my dives proved to be a huge stimulus to do better and better and to try to explain that it should be up to each of us to protect this incredible heritage available to the 'humanity. . About four years ago I decided to switch from a compact camera to a reflex camera, Nikon D800e with which, after a short running-in period, I started presenting my photographs at various competitions where they have obtained prizes and awards not only nationally. but now all over the world.
The New Nikon D850 recently arrived to complete my UnderWater kit.

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