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Start adding photos:01.01.2020
End adding photos:15.02.2020
Publication of competition photos - after completed evaluation:05.03.2020
Publication of winning photos:07.03.2020

42nd PAF Tachov Festival / 2020

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Juror Settimio Cipriani

About juror SETTIMIO CIPRIANI It all began by chance, we are in 1984, an invitation to the 1st Italian Championship of Underwater Photography island of Capraia. The participants, 21 photographers in the world of the sub picture as Romeo, Clementi Navarrini, Giuffrida, Drago and many others, renowned in the environment as divers and underwater photography good. Me and my wife Anna, a model and assistant, we were excited to participate in the league to "learn" various tips from good underwater photography. But the final standings brought us down to 21 th place. Do not get discouraged. Over the years, a little 'carried by the same work, having a shop selling diving equipment, the desire to photograph was consolidated with tenacity and humility we went forward, engaging, participating in races, underwater photography competitions and not always with results by 1st place. I have not had a teacher, but many friends gave me valuable advice masters. My images are the result of my instinct, my creativity and over the years, I found myself in Club Blue to represent Italy in domestic competitions, international and global. I attended the World Cup in Korea in 1994 as a reserve, Italy wins the world championship team. In 1996, Ciutadella, Menorca, I take second place overall silver medal, and Italy is world champion gold medal team. 1998 World Championships in Alesund, Norway, cold, green waters and unknown to us "only possible with dry suit diving" Italy is still a silver medal in teams. June 2000 world championship fotosub Soma Bay in Hurghada, Red Sea, since 1984 we have done it myself and Anna "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and the maximum "goal" was achieved. Cipriani Settimio gold medal and 1st ever world champion, gold medal in the wide-angle photos and a gold medal in the photo creative team gold medal and finally a gold medal to Anna as a model and assistant. Besides the medals table above are honored to receive the trophy donated by FirstLady Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, wife of Egyptian President, who jealously and pride are on display in our store. In addition, other important prizes are added to our palm, four Plongeur d'Or and one silver at the World Festival of under water in Antibes and the prestigious GOLDEN TRIDENT for dissemination in the world of underwater photography, given to us by academics of Ustica and many other important awards, which gave me the incentive to continue the path of underwater photography gaining more than 350 national and international awards and recognitions: NIKON PHOTO CONTEST Giappone, CMAS 50 JUDGES Singapore, LAUPS Los Angeles, MARMARA Turchia, WORD CUP PHOTOSUB Ustica, Festival PAF-TACHOV, Festival OKEANOS Montpellier, SEASPACE Texas, Festival GOLDEN DOLPHIN Mosca, Through photography, with the completion and publication of the book "The Drowned World" published by the Istituto Geografico De Agostini, I conveyed the feeling, love, expression with a thousand shades of colors and the most beautiful, the unknown sea can offer.

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